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Through Early Intervention Services
Early intervention services for babies through three years old

What is Early Intervention (EI)

Early intervention consists of services and supports designed to help families with children who have developmental delays or disabilities. Early intervention builds upon the natural learning occurring in those first few years. It is a process that promotes collaboration among parents, service providers, and others significantly involved with your child.

Early Intervention (Birth – 3 years old)

  • Helps children with disabilities develop and learn to their fullest potential
  • Enhances each family’s capacity to meet the developmental needs of their child in the settings where children would be if they did not have a disability
  • Respects the family’s strengths, values, diversity and competencies and answers families’ questions about their child’s development
  • Supports communities to become more aware of the gifts and abilities of all its children
  • Helps prevent the need for more and costly intervention in the future

Our Mission

Our goal at Beautiful Beginnings is to prepare children for the next stage of their lives through the development of motor abilities, thinking skills and healthy interactions with their peers. Beautiful Beginnings Child Development Services is committed to ensuring that your child receives the best possible early intervention services so that they may become his/her best possible self

Who We Are

From language and literacy development to social skills and creative expression, children are constantly exposed to new activities and environments. We build on the strengths and interests of each special child to help build a solid foundation where they can develop their futures.

Why Choose Beautiful Beginnings

Beautiful Beginnings licensed and committed professionals will use our family-centered approach to work diligently with families to create the best-individualized plan using to guide every child with our early intervention services to help them achieve his/her highest social and academic potential. 

Language, Literacy, Social Skills, and Creative Expression


When I took my 16 month old for his recent wellness visit, the doctor said that he was behind compared to other toddlers his age and handed us some papers to look at. I went online and was overwhelmed with all of the information and where to begin. I contacted Beautiful Beginning Child Development Services. Cynthia did an amazing job explaining to my husband and I what the process was. She was compassionate and went over the next steps that we would be going through with our son. We were scared and did not know what to expect but thanks to Cynthia and her staff, the process was easy to understand. I can't thank her enough. Our child is getting the help he needs and we are getting answers to our questions in the process.
Christie S. (Avalon, PA)
During playdates I realized that my 2 year old daughter was not speaking as well as her peers. She spoke very few words and when she did no one was able to understand her even after she was asked multiple times to repeat herself. I looked information up online and my daughter has some of the signs that were identified. I contacted Beautiful Beginnings at the recommendation of another parent and could not be happier with the service.
Anonymous (Pittsburgh, PA)
I never even heard of early intervention until the birth of my child. I can't imagine how my child would be progressing without it. It is a great program and I was happy to learn about it but even better was the help they provided our family. Beautiful Beginnings is an agency that provides this service. They did a good job helping our family know what was happening and provided the resources to get help. We are thankful for them.
Tracy P. (Butler, PA)